When I met these two, I knew right off the bat that family and tradition was very important to them. They understood that weddings aren't just a day in the sun for bride and groom, but a life changing, family transforming moment that goes beyond wedding rings and living together. You are joining 2 cultures, 2 families, 2 sets of ideals and belief systems and creating a new family bond that extends both of your families into a mass clan of people who all love you, adore you and have your back for the rest of your lives together. That's pretty epic and momentous! We smiled ear to ear the whole day through watching these 2 families express their cultures and beliefs, embrace another culture and make wonderful memories all together.  That's what weddings are - an intense love that spreads from 2 people and encompasses everyone in the room. People love, love and being at a wedding feeds you with it all day. It's the reason we do what we do - who wouldn't want to be a part of something so epic pretty much every weekend?!