Happy Family Day everyone! This is truly one of my favourite holidays. No, its not sunny outside and we typically wouldn't go away or really do anything super special....but that's why I like it. We just let ourselves spend time with family keeping cozy while it's cold outside and using the time to talk, snuggle and do things together that don't cost a thing! 

As I was thinking about Family Day, I thought I would share some very special photos that Emily Krbec (my amazing, talented, sweet and hard working second photographer) took of us last summer. We've been testing out a new type of session (more to come on that soon) that is fully centered around family and the truest expression of life and love in an everyday way. It's about how we live. As a note, my grandmother stays with us from time to time for extended periods and I am so glad that she was here for these photos! It's these kinds of images that I know I will be extremely grateful for in years to come.

Welcome to my house, my neighborhood and to my family in all our weirdness and the everyday stuff that makes!


I feel like I can accomplish a lot. I've always been pretty much on the ball and a great multi-tasker. Then I met Jon and Zevi. Within 6 months, these 2 are renovating a house (a lot of it with their own two hands), planning a quick wedding, working full time, teaching over the summer and fitting in engagement sessions, friend/family wedding parties plus a ton more that I don't even know about! I bet these 2 are very much looking forward to a honeymoon this fall! #bringonthebeach !