choosing the right location to get ready

The "getting ready" portion of your wedding day is such a fun and exciting part of the day! There are a few things you'll want to consider when selecting where to get ready in order for this part of the day to be captured beautifully! 

1. WINDOW LIGHT: I always prefer natural light for the most flattering and romantic images, so the more windows, the better! At the very least, by having just ONE large, but simple window in the bridal prep area, I am able to create beautiful portraits with soft light.

2. CLUTTER - In order to create beautiful portraits, the area near the window should be free of clutter.

3. HAIR AND MAKEUP SETUP - We love getting some makeup and/or hair styling images while you are getting ready, but please be aware that both hair/makeup and photography require natural window light! If you only have one large window, it will be occupied with hair/makeup tools/kits/bags etc and I won’t be able to use that area for your portraits or detail photos, which means that these important images will suffer. A solution would be to either plan for hair/makeup to be very close to complete as I arrive, or have them set-up in a secondary room/area with window light.


4. SPACE - Please ensure that you pick a space that is appropriate for the number of women and hair/make-up artists that will be present. Ladies tend to carry a lot of stuff (bags, dresses, etc.) when prepping for your big day and a small space can quickly become overwhelmed with stuff and therefore look messy and cluttered in your photos. Try and reserve a space in the prettiest spot near a window as your designated dressing space.

5. OPEN DRESSING AREA - You will need a bit of extra space for you and whoever it is you’ve chosen to help you into your gown. You don’t want to be cramming yourself into a tiny bedroom without enough room for everyone to move. A big bed in the middle of the room with not much space to the sides or bottom will leave no room for you to dress, for anyone to help you or for us to stand far enough away to get some great shots.

6. The same tips will also help your handsome groom find his prep location! Make sure wherever he chooses to get ready, there is loads of window light, lots of space and no clutter. Keeping it simple is always the best way to go.

Choosing the right location for getting ready will start you off on the right foot for a seamless morning of preparation, and help us to create beautiful portraits like this!